Active Clinical Trials in Viral Hepatitis

Search for the latest active clinical trials in viral hepatitis. Simply click on "Search for Clinical Trials" then click on the "Studies by Topic" tab. From there, look under the alphabetized list of conditions for "viral hepatitis."

AGA Researcher Directory

AGA members are invited to connect with investigators interested in viral hepatitis research by participating in the AGA Researcher Directory. Participation in the directory will enable you to:

  • Identify potential collaborators.
  • Identify resources that may be shared among fellow researchers.
  • Identify potential mentors.
  • Indicate interest in participating in pharmaceutical or device clinical trials.

Participation in the directory is offered to AGA members at no cost.

I.D. Hep C

I.D. Hep C is an AGA campaign developed to educate people, especially baby boomers, about hepatitis C and encourage them to speak up and get tested to learn their status. Through I.D. Hep C people can take a virtual pledge to educate themselves and others about the infection and talk to their health-care provider about getting tested.

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